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Frequently Asked Questions

When you're trying to sell your house fast we try to anticipate questions you might have about our services and provide the answers here.

If you need additional information please complete the form on our contact page or the Property Appraisal Form and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

How does the service work?

The service is similar to a car insurance broker, in that Residential Property Buyers have a database of cash buyers looking for properties just like yours. Some are looking for bungalow's, terrace, flats, etc. The property owner is looking to sell the property a.s.a.p. The cash buyer is looking for a discount in return for a quick no chain, no mortgage cash sale. Because it is a cash sale (no mortgage to arrange remember), completion can be done very quickly. Our service is free to the seller. We do not buy or sell any property. We just know a house seller, a buyer and we introduce them. For your free assessment just complete the form and we will be in contact within 48hrs. We aim to make the process as hassle free as possible. You are in control at every stage of the process. We look forward to be of service to you.

I have never considered selling my house this way before. Should I be aware of anything?

Yes. This service is not for everyone. Think it through very thoroughly. If you conclude that you could benefit from the service just complete your free assessment form and we will call you.

What advice would you give a seller?

That is a very good question. This should be a "win/win" situation for both party. However, make a note of everything that was agreed and confirm it in writing (in a email at the very least). Under no circumstance do you agree to any last minute changes to what has been agreed previously. For example, you agreed a price of £260,000 and at the last minute the cash buyer reduce the price. Do not entertain anything that was not previously agreed. In those circumstances you walk away and get back to us and we will find you a another cash buyer (if the surveyer's report highlighted some structural issue for example, that is one of the few occasion when it would be ok to make a revised offer). As with all negotiations you never agree to anything without getting something in return. (so for any discount the cash buyer is asking for, if you are happy, you would say, for example, "I will agree to it if you pay all my legal fees." This is just one of a number of points you can negotiate on. Remember you are aiming for a "win/win." We do our best to vet our "cash buyers." However, if you are not happy just get back to us and we will find find someone else.