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Sell Your Property Now With Residential Proerty Buyers.

For a limited time the service is free to the seller.  So If you are looking to sell your property fast.  Contact us today. We specilased in finding a reptuable genuine cash buyer for your property. Whether you're going through a tough divorce or selling up and moving to a different location. We are able to find a buyer for your house from our list of cash buyers. 

Quick Property Purchasing

This service is ideal for residential customers who are going through a divorce, facing repossession, or are moving location etc and would like a quick sale of there property. The types of properties we able to sell  are flats, terrace houses,apartments and bungalows. Our services are reliable and offer customers a personal service. This is a quicker service than doing it yourself because we deal with cash buyers. We use a database where we are able to pair buyers with the property you're selling.

Fill out our online free property appraisal questionnaire for help to sell your property today.

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Important Customer Information

To start the buying process we'll ask you to provide the information listed below on our free appraisal form and once we've received it, we'll contact you within 48 HRS. Once we've spoken to you to discuss your wants and needs, we'll pass the details to the appropriate cash buyer, so you will be able to negotiate a price with them. The information you must send to us includes:

• How Much Your Property Is Worth
 How Much of a Mortgage You Have

 If You Have Any Loans Against the Property
 Why You Want To Sell the Property

Contact our property buyers to find out more about our  house buyers in Reading, Berkshire and the UK.

Why You Should Consider Using Our Service ?

Our service is free to you the seller. We do not buy or sell any property. We just know a seller who wants to sell asap and a genuine cash buyer (no mortgage so the completion can be done very quickly) who want to buy. We are able to  introduce the buyer and seller together and you can negotiate a price that you are both happy with. It should be a win/win situation for all concerned. It is in our interest to introduce you to only reputable cash buyers. One good reason to only use "" is, if you are not happy for whatever reason just get back to us and we will find you another cash buyer.

One case we did last year was in Slough. The person concerned was living in Australia. Her mother died and she put the house on the market with a traditional estate agent for over a year. In that time she came back to the uk twice to do the paper work as "we have found a buyer." Twice the deal was not able to be  completed. She was introduced to our web site and she said that she was here for the next three week and she is willing to give a 20% discount if we could find a buyer and complete within 20 days. After a bit of negotiation the deal was finally agreed at 22% discount. It was completed within her timeframe and the cash buyer paid all of her legal fees (win/win for everyone).

We vet all of our cash buyers as best we can however, if you are not happy for whatever reason just get back to us and we will find you another cash buyer.